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25 Top Colleges For Changing The World

By Sharon Chen
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Universities and colleges are often ranked by academics, extracurricular activities, and even collegiate social life. Now, we have a list of the schools in the U.S. most known for fostering dedication to improving our world. The Princeton Review has published a list of the top schools for making an impact on our world, which is ranked by community service opportunities, sustainability efforts, and on-campus student engagement. Students’ dedication to the causes they care about is at an all-time high, they are interested in how sustainable their schools are, and they want to make a difference – all of this bodes well for our future. With students and universities dedicated to making our world a better place, we are bound to have a future that is flourishing.

The 25 best colleges for students who want to change the world

Tanza Loudenback | The State Register-Journal | February 24, 2016

When students are considering colleges they often look at offerings outside of academics, like clubs and organizations, student government, and volunteer opportunities. For many students, being involved is what college is all about — they want to make a difference in their community and the world.

The Princeton Review recently published "Colleges That Pay You Back: 2016 Edition," which includes a list of the top schools in America for making an impact. Princeton Review based the ranking on student ratings and responses to survey questions covering community service opportunities at their school, student government, sustainability efforts, and on-campus student engagement. They also took into account’s percentage of alumni from each school that reported having high job meaning.

From getting involved in green initiatives to taking on leadership roles in student organizations to volunteering in their local communities, the students at these 25 colleges are driven to make a difference.

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