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5 Ways Your Campus Can Go Green

By Sharon Chen
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Sustainability is becoming more important on college campuses around the U.S. Students are increasingly focused on how green a school is when deciding where to go to for college, and colleges and universities are taking steps to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of their campuses. We share some ways that universities are bringing sustainability to their campuses:

1. Sustainable curricula and degrees: Environmental degrees, such as sustainable agriculture or natural resources conservation, are becoming more important as we transition to a greener world. Some colleges also offer sustainable electives, which is an important way to add an element of eco-friendliness to education.

2. Greener buildings: Whether it is a few solar panels or gray water systems, many colleges are making their dorms more environmentally-friendly. Additionally, schools are retro-fitting or constructing new buildings to meet such sustainable criteria as LEED designations.

3. Transportation: Many campuses around the country are offering more shuttle buses, shuttle buses powered by biodiesel or leftover cooking oil, and incentives to carpool.

4. Food: Colleges and universities are relying on on-campus farms for healthy food, buying local, and composting at rates higher than ever. These sustainable food systems also provide valuable learning experiences for students.

5. Incentives for going green: Some cafeterias reimburse students for bringing their own utensils, or offer discounts on recycled paper products. Whitman College also just imposed a carbon tax on their student body.

Crash Course In Going Green At College

Matthew Derr and Mona Becker | Affordable Colleges Online 

Going green has never mattered as much as it does today. From smog hovering over our biggest cities to icecaps melting at an alarming rate, it might seem like anything we do is simply a drop in an impossibly big bucket. But if everyone contributes, change happens. Colleges and universities around the nation have recognized the need for going green as a way to make the world a better place, both today and tomorrow – and they are going about it in grand style. Those who care about the environment can look to these colleges as shining examples of what can happen when a student community comes together for the greater good. 

Going green in college usually isn’t a solitary pursuit; there are plenty of other students who have the same goals, and most colleges have begun focusing on helping the environment. When choosing the right school to help meet those admirable goals, focus on the following possibilities: 


Some colleges have dorms that are dedicated to sustainability and green living, complete with rain barrels, solar panels, passive lighting and reclaimed wood. Other colleges spread their efforts out among all housing; for instance, they might not have gray water systems, but every dorm has a solar panel or two.

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