As a leader in higher education, you can inspire your campus to chart a new course on climate.



Going Green in College

As sustainability becomes more important on college campuses across the U.S., we share five ways to go green.

How psychology can help us solve climate change

We share 5 ways to encourage transformative climate action - psychology may be more effective than science or economics when it comes to changing peoples' behavior.

The suddenly urgent quest to remove carbon dioxide from the air

Universities are leading the way on transformative climate solutions - see how Arizona State University researchers are developing ways to pull carbon dioxide out of the air. 

Princeton Review 25 Top Colleges for Saving the World

Which colleges are the best for students who want to change the world? 

McDonald's Good Neighbors Good Grounds

If your campus is looking for ways to increase sustainability, consider partnering with a restaurant to re-purpose food waste into a valuable tool for a greener education, and a greener world.

How Higher Education is Keeping Us Marching Forward On Climate Action

Higher education has the power and leverage to take climate action to new levels. The marching bands are beating the drums; it’s loud and about to get much louder.

UT Energy Poll Climate Action

The time is ripe for transformative climate action: the latest University of Texas Energy Poll shows that the majority of Americans want action against climate change. Let's take advantage of this moment and act on climate.

CertifiedSaver Davidson College

On-campus competition is a fun - and effective - way to encourage a change to more sustainable behaviors. 

Northwestern University Mixed Recycling

How a simple recycling switch can increase campus sustainability, and encourage sustainable behaviors. 

Clean Energy Higher Ed

How can higher education overcome challenges to our growing clean energy sector?