As a leader in higher education, you can inspire your campus to chart a new course on climate.



Sustainable Technology course enrollment begins at Mendocino College

In addition to the millennial generation of college students, higher ed needs to remember that sustainability can – and should – be taught to a diverse student body. 

Why climate change is an ethical problem

Would viewing climate change through the lens of morality and ethics increase our climate action?

Sustainable Management graduate focuses on greening NFL franchise

As the world focuses on mitigating the impacts of climate change, students need to be prepared to meet the demand for sustainable skill sets. 

Greenprint: A Plan to Prepare Community College Students for Careers in the Clean Economy

How are community colleges preparing students for the green job boom?

At students' behest, colleges add efforts to address climate change

When it comes to choosing their colleges, campus sustainability is becoming more of a factor in student decisions. 

Can Games Be a Game-Changer for Climate? (Op-Ed)

In a new twist on climate change awareness, academics are making climate change education fun. 

How Do You Fight The World's 'Largest Environmental Health Problem'? Harness The Sun.

Clean energy is crucial to overcoming our climate challenge, and this example also shows that the clean energy co-benefits are manifold. 

Here’s how scientific misinformation, such as climate doubt, spreads through social media

Climate skepticism is a barrier to collective, bold climate action. So how then can scientists and academics, with their access to knowledge and facts about climate change, address the issue of climate misinformation? 

Shut The Sash Competition

Higher ed is focusing on research laboratories for energy savings. We share lessons we can all learn from this initiative.

Foodie culture is spurring degree programs at U.S. colleges

Food is increasingly dominating our discourse. How is higher ed leading on solving our climate challenge through food?