As a leader in higher education, you can inspire your campus to chart a new course on climate.



7 smarter ways to talk about climate change

How we say things is often just as important as what we are saying. We share seven tips for smarter climate communications.

To Divest Or Invest Fossil Fuels

Does divestment really work? 

Fordham Sustainability

By framing the climate conversation in relevant and relatable terms, we can increase engagement and action. 

East Palo Alto moves to cleaner, cheaper electricity after Stanford students’ analysis -

By making sustainability come alive through real world applications, our universities and colleges can inspire our future leaders to lead on climate action.

Dr. Antonio Flores HACU Leader Spotlight

In our latest Leader Spotlight, Dr. Flores shares with us how his youth spent in a small village instilled in him a passion for a more sustainable world, and his belief that education is the path to a more flourishing future for everyone. 

Penn State's Sustainability Institute integrates sustainability around campus

Integrating sustainability into these three different facets of higher ed can inspire transformative climate action.


Green2Go Penn State

Higher ed is finding many ways to increase the sustainability of their food operations.

Sea Secrets Lecture Series

Taking sustainability education out of the classroom is an important way to engage our broader communities on climate solutions. 

Here’s What It Takes to Land Your Sustainability Dream Job

As sustainable businesses grow, so does the need for a skilled labor force that can help guide the green revolution. 

‘Cli-fi’ and the incorporation of climate change/global warming into college curricula

More and more, universities and colleges are incorporating climate change awareness into their curricula. One way that higher ed is doing this is through cli-fi, or climate change fiction.