As a leader in higher education, you can inspire your campus to chart a new course on climate.



Let's Talk Climate Higher Education

Find out how to successfully engage higher education on climate solutions with ecoAmerica's latest research report, Let's Talk Climate. 

Harvard Breaks LEED Record

This university now has 100 LEED-certified buildings, setting a record among institutions of higher education.

Metro State's new program brings food, community, sustainability together

When it comes to issues of sustainability, food is increasingly taking center stage. One university is seeking to offer a new degree program that combines healthy eating, community psychology, and business. 

Higher Ed Shows Support for COP21

Higher ed shows its support for COP21.

Top 10 Graduate Programs For Environmental Sustainability

Which universities offer the best graduate programs for sustainability?

How to Have the Most Sustainable Thanksgiving Ever

How can we have a more sustainable Thanksgiving holiday? These four tips are a great start.

UMD, UN, University of Baltimore work to make Baltimore more sustainable

In Baltimore, two universities are taking the lead on creating a more sustainable future for the city.

Let's Talk Climate

ecoAmerica has released a new climate communication research report, “Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Americans," that offers ways to shift the climate conversation from doom and gloom to hope and motivation.

A Skeptical Case for Climate Education

As more and more of our world re-aligns to meet the climate challenge, higher education has the responsibility of showing future generations, regardless of their personal beliefs about climate change, how to navigate a future ruled by concerns over carbon emissions and clean energy.

Forget Washington, Citizens Need to Stop Climate Change

The majority of Americans believe that we need to take climate action - but no one is talking about it. How can higher ed help fix the communications gap?