As a leader in higher education, you can inspire your campus to chart a new course on climate.


Instagram and Climate Change: How Higher Ed Can Connect

By Sharon Chen
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For colleges looking to connect with students on climate change, Instagram can be a powerful tool. By reaching out to students where they are, and providing information and tips on how they can lead more sustainable lives, universities can do much to spread climate change awareness in a more relatable way. A 2015 Pew Research Center survey has shown that of all the social media channels, college students use Instagram the most. Fifty-three percent of young adults use Instagram daily, and many brands that target this demographic have launched marketing campaigns on Instagram. Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing platform; it is viral marketing, an instant way to communicate with tens of thousands of people, and a creative way to draw attention to issues, campaigns, and events.

Many colleges and universities maintain Instagram accounts that showcase their campuses, activities, and events. The most popular and the most visually stunning Instagram accounts have the following things in common:

- Beautiful photos taken from different perspectives
- Student involvement
- Quick, informative captions

By presenting sustainability education in Instagram squares, higher education can do much to outreach to those students who might not be science majors, who might not be involved in sustainability clubs, and who might not be fully aware of the impacts their actions can have on our environment. In order to communicate the depth of our climate change challenge, and the steps that we can take to overcome it, we need to use every means we can to outreach to as many people as we can. To see examples of the best Instagram accounts in higher education, read on.

17 of the Best College Instagram Accounts

Lindsay Kolowich | Hubspot Blogs | October 19, 2015

It's no question social media is an important part of most college students' lives. But of all the social networking sites out there, Instagram is the one college students use the most, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey.

In fact, 53% of adults ages 18–29 years old say they use Instagram every single day.

That's why many brands whose target audience includes young adults have taken to Instagram. After all, when it comes to choosing which social platforms to spend time and resources on, it's a best practice to go where your target audience goes.

Fortunately, the social media folks at colleges and universities worldwide have taken note. We were excited to see many of them posting awesome Instagram content -- shots of campus buildings, live-action photos of sports games, colorful graphics promoting school-sponsored campaigns -- on a regular basis. 

While there were many colleges and universities doing well on Instagram, here are 17 of the best ones we saw. (And if you're feeling inspired, read this blog post for a list of the 11 best photo and video editing apps for mobile.)

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