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Universities and Farms: A Sustainable Partnership

By Sharon Chen
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As climate change continues to threaten our crop diversity and food security, Cornell University is taking action. The university has teamed up with local farmers to help them reduce climate change risks to their operations. Cornell’s Climate Smart Farming Extension Team provides growers in New York with assistance and access to the most up-to-date management practices to improve farm resiliency in the face of a rapidly changing climate. 

This partnership is the first in the nation, but hopefully not the last. Chris Watkins, the director of the Cornell Cooperative Extension, hopes that it will serve as a model for other such collaborations between agriculture and academia. By working with local farmers, agricultural specialists, and a range of Cornell faculty, the university is leading the way in taking real action to protect food sources from the impact of climate change. Encouraging students to prepare for careers that prioritize food security, sustainable energy, and climate change is also an important step universities can make in working towards climate solutions. Leaders at Solution Generation hope to help foster more partnerships like these across the nation. 

Leading Experts on Climate Change and Agriculture Offer New Resource to New York Farmers through Climate Smart Farming Extension Team

Cornell Climate Change | May 31, 2015

ITHACA, N.Y. – New York farmers coping with extreme weather and climate variability now have a new resource at their disposal: Cornell University’s Climate Smart Farming Extension Team. Organized by Cornell University’s Institute for Climate Change and Agriculture (CICCA), in cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE), the cross-state team will provide growers with assistance and access to the latest in management practices that improve farm resiliency.

“The Climate Smart Farming Team pulls together top farm specialists from Cornell and Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) to provide new research and decision-making tools that can help farmers reduce the risks climate change presents to their operations,” says Dr. Allison Chatrchyan, CICCA director.

“We will offer solid research-based information on climate change that farmers can use to manage risks to their farms and to take advantage of new opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen New York agriculture’s capacity to face a changing climate.”

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