As a leader in higher education, you can inspire your campus to chart a new course on climate.


Resources to Engage Others

You can play a pivotal role in helping others recognize the importance of addressing climate change on campus, at home, and in their communities. Choose inspirational action steps below to add to your Path to Positive plan. Each step links you to numerous resources to support your efforts. If you have already joined Solution Generation, you can view and manage your plan on your customized dashboard at anytime. Also, be sure to add steps from the “Tools to Make an Impact” section.

For a complete list of Solution Generation engagement resources, click here

We will prepare you to make the case for climate solutions within your school by helping you communicate your purpose and craft a story that resonates with your students, faculty, staff and board.   > Get resources
Through the Path to Positive pledge, your school can make a public commitment to inspire others to care about climate change and take simple steps to becoming a part of the solution.   > Get resources
Building a strong solutions team is one way to empower others as you move along your path. Plus, it will provide you with a source of ideas, inspiration and support as you make climate an integral part of your college or university’s priorities.   > Get resources
Find innovative and inspiring ways to keep climate solutions in front of your stakeholders by building a plan to share ideas, communicate progress and celebrate successes.   > Get resources
President of University of Idaho speaks to peers at a sustainability symposium
A powerful speech is a great way to launch a conversation on solutions and inspire others to take action at your college or university. We offer talking points, sample speeches, and other resources to equip you to speak confidently and effectively about your commitment to climate solutions.   > Get resources
There are many steps you can take to incorporate climate solutions into your events. Guest lecturers, enhanced campus tours and net zero waste events are just a start.   > Get resources
Stay connected with Solution Generation news and events
Our News & Community section and social media pages will connect you with others to share ideas, learn and build new relationships. We also offer resources on how to effectively share your Path to Positive progress on your own social media channels.   > Get resources