As a leader in higher education, you can inspire your campus to chart a new course on climate.


Deliver a Powerful Speech

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To communicate most effectively about climate, you should start with people and stay with people. Connect on common values that are personally relevant. Inspire and empower. Be solutions-focused. And include at least one powerful fact from a trusted messenger.

A compelling climate speech can serve as a launching point for a much wider effort within your institution, such as inspiring additional student involvement and tying climate issues to their civic engagement projects.

An inspiring climate speech connects with the values of your school. You will be more effective if your speech is built on a solid foundation of values that are broadly shared within your school, such as a commitment to young people, the responsibility of colleges to educate and dedication to social responsibility.

Finally, a strong speech instills hope. This means empowering people today to take action – as individuals or as a community – to become part of the solution. Check out our resources below to help you start communicating with meaning and inspiration.