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The 10 Greenest College Football Stadiums

By Sharon Chen
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As college football season begins, thousands of excited fans will gather at stadiums to cheer on their teams. This is an exciting time for students and universities, and also for sustainability progress: many of the biggest NCAA universities are pushing for green stadiums. Because college football generates a significant amount attention and press, thousands of spectators regularly attend games, and there are considerable business opportunities for vendors, this is an important platform to draw more attention to sustainability.

Stadiums are pushing for carbon neutrality, renovating to meet LEED standards, turning to clean energy, signing contracts with green vendors, and implementing zero-waste policies.  All of these measures are important not only because they help create a brighter future, but also because this green message is reaching thousands of people.

Congratulations to the following ten stadiums for leading the way to a sustainable future!

10 of the Most Energy-Efficient College Football Stadiums in the NCAA | September 1, 2015

The 2015 NCAA college football season is right around the corner, meaning once again, thousands of dedicated fans will be piling in to stadiums around the country to watch some of the most exciting sports action in the country. During these games, universities will generate millions in ticket sales, thousands in concessions income and generate attention from spectators around the country. These stadiums will also be using thousands of dollars in energy every Saturday.

In an attempt to hold a more sustainable future, many of today’s biggest universities are making an effort to make their stadiums more energy efficient. The push for LEED certified collegiate football facilities has already helped many higher education facilities decrease their environmental impact and the number of new energy-efficient stadiums is only growing.

While some universities still have a lot of work to do in order to more effectively manage their energy use, there are a few college football stadiums that will be greeting fans in 2015 with state-of-the-art energy-efficient facilities.

While several organizations, including groups such as the Green Sports Alliance want to bring LEED certification to more college football arenas, there are only 25 professional or college sports facilities with that certification in the United States. The good news for college football, is that several of these 25 facilities are university football stadiums, meaning a bright future for a more energy-efficient college football season.

We have taken the time to look at the efforts some of these colleges have made and ranked the ten most energy-efficient football stadiums in the world of college football.

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