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How Collaborative Partnerships Can Prepare Students for Green Jobs

By Sharon Chen
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The economic benefits of sustainability are becoming increasingly obvious to businesses. For instance, insurers are taking climate change into account when it comes to investment decisions, and industries like clean energy are growing rapidly. There is a growing need for a workforce with knowledge and experience in environmental issues.

How can higher ed fill this need? Colleges are providing innovative hands-on training, and more universities are offering degrees and postgraduate studies programs in sustainability. Collaborative partnerships, such as the one between the University of California, San Diego, and National University, are also an important way for students to gain experience in environmental work. By working with other institutions of higher ed, allowing course credits to transfer, supplementing training, and offering online instruction, we can make it easier for students to gain the necessary tools they need to lead on climate action. For more ways that higher ed can help prepare students for the green jobs of the future, please join us on the Path to Positive

National University and UC San Diego Extension Announce Innovative Partnership to Prepare New Generation of Sustainability Leaders

Anna Cearley | National University News | January 27, 2016

As more businesses and organizations recognize the economic benefits of being environmentally responsible, demand is increasing for leaders in sustainable management practices. To address these needs, National University and University of California, San Diego Extension are introducing an innovative partnership that offers students pathways to pursue studies in the growing field of sustainability management.

The credit transfer partnership allows those who have completed UC San Diego Extension’s Sustainable Business Practices certificate program to obtain credit for two classes that can be applied toward National University’s Master of Science in Sustainability Management, which is the region’s only sustainability-focused master’s degree program. Both the certificate and master’s program are available online, allowing students throughout the country to benefit from the partnership.

“Balancing economic growth with sustainable practices is one of our world’s most pressing issues and National University is pleased to be partnering with UC San Diego Extension to offer students new avenues to advance their studies in a field that is so important to our global future,” said Dr. Michael R. Cunningham, President of National University and Chancellor of the National University System. “This partnership brings together the very best in quality and flexibility so that we can collectively meet a critical need in our society while supporting our regional economies and environmental resources.”

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