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Boost Recycling & Transition Toward Net Zero Waste

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Take action to protect our future by recycling and moving toward net zero waste on campus. Raise your recycling program’s profile with colorful signage and accessible containers. Participate in RecycleMania. Learn about, plan, publicize, and execute net zero waste activities at events like sports games and commencement. Make sure that recycling bins are placed next to every trash can, post signs to indicate recyclable items, and encourage others to join in. Common recyclable items include paper goods, cardboard, plastics #1-7, metals, glass, electronic waste, batteries, and ink jet cartridges. Talk with your suppliers about maximizing waste diversion. Check with your local waste municipality or recycling company to determine which items are recyclable in your community and ways to increase recycling rates.  

(Photo credit: Jennifer Grissom, University of North Florida)

  • Save Money
  • Build Community
  • Good Steward

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